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What am I doing here? I’m not exactly sure the answer myself, but I have an idea. For whatever reason you’ve stumbled upon my website and I’ve reeled you in this far (which I realize isn’t very far). And I hope you don’t stop reading! You should keep reading, and I’ll tell you why.

I started this blog because while exploring other blogger’s content, I learned about myself. This wasn’t the case with every post of course. Often these blogs allowed me to indulge in cravings I had for fashion, online shopping, DIY, and photography. But I also found a surprising connection to a lot of the writers; writers who were miles away from me, but allowed me to peak into their world. I would never have been exposed to them if it weren’t for their blogs. And so I hope wherever you are in the world, no matter what your situation is, this blog serves as a positive influence to you. Behind each post is a desire to stir you the way other bloggers stirred me. Weather it motivates you to go on an adventure with your friends, gives you fashion inspiration, or helps you better understand yourself, I hope you find it worth it to stick around.

The biggest and most important reason behind why I started this blog is myself. While everything you read above is true, the initial hopes in starting this blog were to protect my feelings and memories from the test of time. I don’t want to forget them because they make up what is my life. I want a forum which gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past, good or bad. I have an inkling that I will look back on these posts in a very different position than the one I was in when they were written.

So I welcome both you and my future self to Megan Elaine. Enjoy.




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