When You Least Expect It

It happens when you least expect it.

Boy is that a relevant phrase in my life.

Just when I became content with the single life, he crashed into my newfound world filling me with curiosity, uncertainty, and butterflies… lots of butterflies. But my intentions here are not to brag about this man and the time I’ve spent dating him. The intention is to stress the importance of my time without him.

Prior to meeting him I can recall a moment when I looked at myself in the mirror hanging on the door in my bedroom. It was one of those moments where I deeply looked at myself, my entire being. Does anyone else do that? It’s taking a step outside yourself and asking, “Who is this?” When I did it this time around, it was different than the last. I felt like I truly knew myself. And I was happy with that self.

My duration of singleness gave me an attitude and outlook I could never gain with my previous arm candy. I explored hobbies I was interested in, relationships I wished to strengthen, read books that opened my mind, and I created a new self. I was enjoying getting to know her. I wasn’t searching for anything except happiness, and I found a new form of unfamiliar happiness when I met him.

All too often I see girls scrambling to find their way out of the single life as soon as they’ve been thrown into it. Why do they reside all their strength in a man? Why is there greater curiosity about the next guy that walks into their life rather than their own self? You do yourself a disservice when you neglect the precious time of singleness because not only is it vital, it is a rarity. You may not have it all your life. Regardless of if/when you find your person, life is going to be full of lonely seasons and ultimately the one getting you through it will have to be yourself.

It is for this reason that I will forever stress the importance of using your time of singleness to its fullest potential. Mistakes are bound to be made, but they’re a step in the right direction. They’re a step closer to the person you’re meant to be, but maybe haven’t met yet. And in turn, that is a step towards a person who will rock your world in all the right ways. If you’re lucky like me, it will happen when you least expect it.


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