Denver and Megs

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I’ll keep this one short since the pictures speak louder than my words. Perhaps the wildest thing I’ve done thus far has been hoping on a plane with my best friend, leaving the two of us in an incredible yet unfamiliar place. Denver Colorado.

Our adventures lead us to one too many restaurants, plenty of book stores, thrift stores and city parks where all we needed was a blanket to rest our tired heads on. Voodoo Doughnuts was our savior after a long and crazy night at Red Rock Ampitheater for a Flume concert. Best part… they had vegan options. You betcha that Oreo doughnut was one of the sweetest indulgences I’ve had since I went vegan.

Denver is also such a large, spread out city that Meg and I always found a new place to explore. Perhaps one of my favorite memories was our last evening. We spent it in Larimer Square, a small area for shopping and food located off the beaten path of Denver’s main strip. We found a market, and sat at a table outside along the street with sandwiches and wonderful conversation to sustain us for the night.

A travel tip I have: Travel with someone who will appreciate the experiences as much (or more) as you will. Meg awed and got wide eyed at every new destination I did. Another tip would be to travel with someone who is down for just about anything. It was such a joy to explore with Meg because I never knew what was in store for us next! If we had to change our agenda, neither of us cared! When asking for plan preferences, neither of us had any! We were equally happy to be in this one-of-a kind city, and simply let the Colorado wind take us where it pleased.

I believe with each new destination there are ideas and understandings waiting for you to unlock. Mine this trip? This world is much larger than I imagined and it is a necessity that I see it. As much as my heart resides in Cinci, there are many things it can never teach me. The beauty this world holds is begging to be seen, and I want to see it.


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  1. Amanda says:

    YAS ❤️
    So esthetically pleasing! 😁


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