Livin’ in Lexington

A three day vacation in Lexington Kentucky was EXACTLY what all four of us needed. Andie and Taraneh call Lexington home and they were eager to give Mersadi and I (Cinci girls) a full experience. We shopped, walked around the city, had coffee dates, ate some incredible food, and celebrated Mersadi’s 20th birthday (which was the icing on top of the cake;)

Lexington is about as charming as a city can get. It isn’t a big city, but it has a great deal of character to show for itself. Through country side drives (with music and windows rolled down of course), dining at local restaurants, and walking the downtown streets I’d like to think I got a wonderful little glimpse of this city.

When August rolls around I move into a house with these girls, and believe me it’s pretty much all we talk about these days. Our trip to Lex has confirmed my certainty in wanting to live with Andie, Taraneh, and Mersadi day in and day out. They’re the only thing I need in my next house. We are going to fill it with unforgettable memories in the city that brought us all together, Cincinnati.


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